Philanthropy — It is Good for the Soul

I’d like to do a different kind of blog today. I want to talk about giving, giving of money, of time, of heart.  Many of us are bombarded by mail and email requesting donations to all sorts of things.  And many of them may be worthy of our time. It made me wonder what the definition of giving is.  And what it means to be philanthropic.

Merriam Webster has two definitions of philanthropy: The simple one is the act of giving money and time to help make life better for other people, and the full definition includes: the good will to fellow members of the human race, especially:  active effort to promote human welfare and an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes. There is nothing greater for the human spirit than to reach out and help others.

 I want to share with you an extraordinary organization, one that embodies all that it is magnificent about us.  It is called Holiday for Heroes.   and it celebrates our American heroes in the military. When you visit their website you will read the stories of these amazing veterans, of their sacrifice, of their bravery, of their love of our country.


The organization states: “Behind every hero there is a family who have loved, supported, and sacrificed. Holidays for Heroes seeks to repay each hero as a family unit. In so doing we fill a niche that is too often left unattended.”

I have been honored to have attended the Annual Holidays for Heroes Tribute and Gala on Nantucket for the past few years. As the organization has said: “The injuries our Heroes sustained in combat have changed their lives forever. During this annual Tribute, we take full responsibility for OUR duty; assuring our Heroes unwavering support during their transition to wellness and ensuring their families’ futures.”  I cannot begin to tell you how meaningful it was to meet these heroes and their families.  And a group of friends and I were able to collectively donate enough money for a service dog for a soldier – it was our duty, our honor to support our veterans.


You can spend hours reading all the information on their website. If you feel as strongly as I do about this particular way of giving, then please do spend the time.  And if you can give, please do so. Or if you have a particular cause that is dear to your heart, support it. It is good for the soul.