Cultivating a Garden

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve been very fond of gardening. I’m not sure if it’s the act of cultivating something and watching it blossom from a tiny seed into something beautiful, or if it’s the nostalgia associated with my childhood. Growing up, I remember working alongside my Mother in the garden and spending Summer days running through patches of Black-eyed Susans. Oftentimes, I reminisce about those carefree days.

Now, my son’s daughters and I share this same tradition of gardening together in the Summer months on Nantucket. Since my Grandchildren are young (ages 4 and 6), we’ve started out small. Last Summer, we grew tomatoes, rosemary and basil in pots. This year, we’re going to move on to flowers – Lilacs, Lilies, Dalias and Black-eyed Susans – all of my childhood favorites.

I’d like to think that in teaching them about planting, sowing and reaping – somewhere down the line – they will realize that gardening-time with “Nonie” was so much more than that! Sitting together with our hands in the dirt, listening to the rustling of the leaves under the clear blue sky, I’m reminded that the simple things in life are what matter most! I hope that one day, they pass on this tradition to their children and that the smells of fresh blooms in the Summertime would remind them of the memories we made together.

Almost as much as I enjoy decorating for my clients, I enjoy taking time out for me in the garden. Not only does it inspire me, but it reinvigorates me to do my best Interior Design work! If you’re not the type of person that finds peace sitting in the grass with your sleeves rolled up planting your favorite plants, vegetables or fruits, I implore you to find a garden to stroll through. Find a bench, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Nature truly is the best remedy to de-stress and decompress!

Garden Work Area

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Gardening with Grandaughters