The Summer Wrap Up – Memories Created!

I love summer. It is a perfect time to combine work, travel and family times together –

Certain things instantly conjure up summer for me. Good Humor ice cream trucks, digging for clams, building sand castles and walking with a pinwheel spinning in my hand …. Nothing says summer for me more.

And some things never change … Now when I go to our local Variety Store on Nantucket there is a bucket of pinwheels at the front door … And my granddaughters adore them in the same way that I did! Some things never change and I am so glad!


Summer is almost over … But the memories of this family time will linger forever … The joy of spending time with my adult children and their children warms my heart. I treasure this time when we are all together. As do they… Time for the ” cousins”.. as they affectionately refer to each other. Time to eat the juiciest red tomatoes with the juice running up our arms…time to pick berries, garden, fish, swim, go clamming.

Best of all, I get to see my grandchildren play and be creative. Here I am, an Interior Designer – and they like playing in boxes – drawing windows, and doors, creating houses!  Maybe they’ll grow up to be architects!

creative in a box

A peek into the Children’s Art Room …

Peek inside art room

children art room table


The art table is from Pottery Barn Kids.

We always find time to walk on the beach and collect shells for those projects that we never seem to get started… But we always talk about. But there will be a day when the shells get pasted on a mirror or box or on a Sailors Valentine …

Red Chair and American Flag Umbrella

Until then we will just keep collecting them and enjoy walking the beach… After all, Summer is just summer and I hate for it to end!