Authenticating Antiques

Have you ever wondered how to distinguish an authentic antique from a reproduced copy? These tips below will help you shop smarter!

1. Authenticity 

Popular designer antiques commonly have copy-cats! Make sure that you do your homework; Know the time period that the item was produced, guarantee the materials used, and research the designer’s trademarks and archives so you know you’re getting the real deal.


2. Scarcity 

If the item you’re considering purchasing is rare, that is a good sign! Antiques go up in value if the supply is limited. If there was a small quantity originally produced, even better!


3. Condition 

The better the condition the antique is in, the more it is worth! Before heading to the check-out counter, look carefully for dents, scratches, and missing parts.


4. High Demand

Highly desirable antiques will yield greater value. It is the old story of supply and demand. High demand coupled with a low supply means a higher asking price!


And…if you find yourself in over your head with what to purchase, please contact me for my services. For the past 20+ years, I’ve regularly attended auction houses and  I travel to antique stores around the world. With a niche for antique finds, I’d be happy to source what you’re looking for.