My Glorious Garden … Sublime Tranquility

I love my time on Nantucket … it’s a time to spend with family, friends and clients in one of the most beautiful environments possible.

And one of my favorite places is my own garden. It gives me peace, offers me time to meditate and introspect, and just fills me with a complete sense of well-being. It is the perfect place to wind down, or re-charge.

And I have created different areas to sit amongst the glorious flowers and the abundance of greenery. In the quiet of the morning I sometimes choose to sit with my coffee at this eggplant bistro table with its magnificent fern centerpiece.  The green tier table beside it is from my childhood!

eggplant table


In another area of the garden is a lichen covered wooden bench next to an antique metal table and chairs – a beautiful coleus plant adorns the table and the space is surrounded by lush greenery.

To the side of the wooden bench is a glorious little 4’ x 6’ green area centered by a metal topiary. In June there is a splendid burst of peonies … Sheer nirvana!  And now as the summer wanes, there is the absolute lushness of the greenery inviting you to indulge in its splendor …


lichen covered bench



4 x 6 green area


Beside a sofa are three tiny myrtle plants sitting on a black bakers tray – which is sitting on “found object” table — Someone had tossed it away with their trash! Their trash …. my treasure!


Three plants


Perhaps one of my most treasured places to retreat is on this Adirondack rocking chair and footstool. I can just rock and dream away sitting under the tree peony.  Sadly, the peony lost its mate a week ago – it just didn’t bloom this summer.  I lamented its demise for a few weeks, hoping I might see a green leaf bloom … and when it did not happen, I had to face the truth and have it removed.  The two trees formed an arch to walk into the garden – which afforded privacy from the street.    And now … surprise!  A whole new perspective!  Its removal has opened up the garden to say welcome to those passing by on the street!  So while the privacy was lovely, the openness is lovely too in its own way.


Adirondeck rocking chair


It is truly wonderful to experience gardens as the seasons change. Enjoying the fragrance of the flowers as they bloom in early summer … watching the greenery take over in early fall.  Spending time outdoors, spending time in nature, it is sublimely tranquil.   Please spend time in a garden!  You can learn more about gardens and their conservation across America at The Garden Conservancy.